school compliant speed humps

The Australian Standards through AS2890.1:2004

Design criteria for speed humps

The Australian Standard which regulates the design and use of speed humps for use in off-street parking in Australia is ‘AS2890.1:2004 parking facilities’. AS2890.1 identifies four main criteria in the design of “Type 2” speed humps: height, cross section, ramp angle and markings. Until now very few “Type 2” speed humps sold in Australia met these four criteria.

Use and placement of speed humps

Our standards approved speed humps conform with the Australian standards description of a Type 2 speed hump and should be used as stated by the standards as follows.

TYPE 2: Appropriate for use in relatively confined areas or covered and multi-storey carparks where it is desired to further check the speed of vehicles mostly travelling at 30km/h or less.

Road humps shall be placed at no less than 10m for Type 2, along any one aisle or roadway. Maximum spacing where required to control speeds continuously along a roadway should be about 50m.

Humps should be located clear of intersections and curved roadways.

Humps shall not impede pedestrian or wheelchair traffic on any accessible travel path provided for people with disabilities.

Note: an accessible path of travel needs to be a minimum of 1m wide.